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Clicking the “Get Quote” button below a product listing will take you to a calculator, where you can enter the Purchase Price (or value if refinancing), Loan Amount required, Loan Period required and Monthly rental income (if known). Click calculate after completing these fields to view the results.

If you wish to add the lenders arrangement fee to the loan, please be sure to add this to the Loan Amount field to get the most accurate response.

LTV and Maximum Loan Achievable by rental income will highlight red if the returned values fall outside of the criteria set by the lender for the specific product chosen or outside of your entered requirements. e.g. 85% LTV being returned on a product that only supports applications up to 80% LTV, or rental income only supporting a loan of £100,000 when the Loan Sum Required has been entered as £150,000.

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To compare the costs of several products, simply tick the check box beneath the desired products and click the “Compare” button at the bottom of the product list. You will be taken to the same calculator as through ‘Get Quote’ however once details have been entered you can then choose which product to view the costs for, using the drop down menu at the top of the calculator.

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The calculator operates on the same basis as the ‘Get Quote’ function however leaves all fields free for you to enter your own details, should you be interested in a scheme not listed on our site. The additional fields can be found under Entry Fields.

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Purchase Price: The purchase price OR current value of the property.

Loan Amount: The Loan Sum required. If you wish any lenders fee to be added to the loan, please include this in the amount entered.

Interest rate: The charging rate of the product you are interested in. For fixed rates this will simply be the headline rate, e.g. for 5.75% enter 5.75. For trackers and discounts you may need to calculate the current rate first, e.g. if the product rate is 1.25% above bank base, and bank base at the time is 5%, enter 6.25

Rest Period: The period at which interest is calculated on the outstanding, and varies between lenders. If you are interested in Interest Only this can be left on the default value as it will not affect the returned figures, however for Capital and Interest repayments to return the most accurate answer possible you will need to find this out from the product details.

Loan Period: The length of time in years you wish the loan to run for. This will only affect Capital and Interest figures returned, Interest Only figures will be unaffected.

Rental Multiplier: A figure provided by the lender to calculate rental cover assessment. Usually between 100% and 125%, this figure will affect the maximum loan sum returned.

Rental Cover Rate: The rate at which the rental cover assessment is calculated. This could be the charging rate, a nominal figure or a nominal figure above the lenders base rate.

Monthly Rental Income: The current market rental income for the property. This field is not required to return costs, however is useful to ensure the lenders rental cover calculations are adequately covered.

When entering figures, please enter numbers only, no £ or % symbols.

Should you require any further assistance using these functions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02380 639 624.

The various calculators are provided for guide purposes only and should not be relied upon to produce final figures, E&OE.